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"A lot of it is counterproductive. We want to use the information provided by the original creditor." That means that if you filled out an application listing your mom as the nearest Skip Tracing Tool relative not living with you, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the collector calls her when they can’t find you. A debt collector trying to collect a debt you owe typically will be able to pull your credit reports, though not all do. The reason they might not? Cost. Both Roger Weiss, chief operations officer at collection agency CACI, and Jarman say their firms are likely to use credit scores before they will pull a consumer’s full credit reports, because the first option is cheaper. Weiss also says his firm is cautious about pulling credit because it creates credit inquiries that can lower the debtor’s credit scores . “We are very careful because we don’t want to place a hard inquiry,” he says. But a full report can be helpful -- if a collector knows what to look for, Moore says. “A(n) experienced vet investigator knows that every piece of data is vital -- so the credit inquiries, charged-off accounts, address history, name variations all mean something and are invaluable tools.” You can find out if a collector has reviewed your credit reports or credit scores by getting your free annual credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies.

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